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Free School Meals
Online Applications

Applications are made online via a public facing website that forms part of the system. This information is then automatically verified and sent onto the LEA team for processing using our automated work flow model. Below are the specific features and benefits of this system to each party involved.

To find out more about how our work-flow model works click here.

For Parents
Parents can create a user account and apply for free school meals online and track the progress of their application from home. This not only offers convenience but allows applications to be made much faster, with children often receiving their free meal on the same day the application is made. They will also not need to re-enter their details again as the system will store all of their information.

For Local Authorities
With the initial application being made online all data is electronically stored and saved in the system database and immediately available to the LEA team. This reduces reliance on timely paper led processes or manual data entry, and data verification ensures the correct and complete data has been in putted before submission.

Due to the flexibility of our system you will be able process applications whether they are using the current benefit system or the planned Universal Credit.

For schools
Schools can log in and register children directly, and access all of the data they need without having to make contact with their LEA for information.

School meal suppliers
Suppliers will be able to log in and access up to the minute data on how many school meals they are providing each day. This both speeds up how fast a child can receive their meal and the time spent informing suppliers individually of changes.
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