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Free School Meals
Verification, Communication and Reporting

The system will automatically determine the result of an application using the government approved ECS service and their own rules. As all data is saved and stored online the system can check and recheck eligibility whenever required to ensure meals are going to the right pupils.

Once an application has been automatically verified the system will then generate all the letters required from pre-formatted templates to inform the applicant of their result.

With all necessary information and data being available online to each party involved, reliance on contacting the LEA team will be greatly reduced.

The back office can manage data from many sources and if you choose to use the digital TV service from Looking Local, for example, we can arrange to absorb that data. This process can be two way in that we can provide the FSM information in various formats to other LA departments or the schools own systems.

The system allows for accurate reporting of past and present application data, and holds a history of entitlement periods which is useful in providing census information for schools applying for Pupil Premiums.
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