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Free School Meals
Web Based and Multiple Users

Share the work
Because our free school meal manager is accessed online it can be used by multiple users from different computers and devices wherever an internet connection is present.

We will supply unique usernames and passwords to nominated members of your team so they can access the system whenever they need to. This allows you to share the workload and easily keep the system up to date.

User friendly
The system has been designed to be easy to use. The visual displays and integrated calendar separates the data into easy to manage sections. You can look at all sections 'at a glance' to quickly access information needed.

Web Based
Work from the office, home or on the go!

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to access your system from wherever you are (when an internet connection is available). This could be popping into an internet cafe, at the airport or in a coffee shop with free wifi.

You don't have to worry about timely software installations, hardware breaking or data being lost as it is all backed up securely online on a daily basis. We use the best online security to ensure all of your data is safe and protected. See our security section for further details.

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