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GAP : Grant Application Processor
Automated Work-flow

How can our automated work-flow system help your business? First consider just how much time your employees spend on administrative tasks. It costs you money every time an application form is processed. Over the course of a year, this sum can be considerable - by using our streamlined work-flow system you can save yourself a substantial sum of money.

We evaluate the step by step process you undertake to manage a grant application, fitting that into an integrated work-flow model. This enables you to control the day to day work schedule throughout the team.

Benefits of this are:
  • A clear process of working with online work logs and time led alert system for those tasks not progressed.
  • Donít worry about losing or misplacing work, missing deadlines or collating accurate timely reports.
  • Future proofing in case funding or procedural rules change.
  • The integrated email system allows pre-formatted email with various packages of information to be sent out to applicants, assessors and funding bodies

To find out more about how our work-flow model works click here.
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