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GAP : Grant Application Processor
Online Application Forms

Saving you time
The online application forms allow you to save time by having specifically designed forms to gather the exact information you need. The system will not allow incomplete or incorrect forms to be submitted, alerting the applicant to where they need to add or amend information. This saves time for the back office whilst processing applications as they will only process complete and accurate submissions.

Applicants can view the entire form online, allowing them to leave and return to areas later. In our experience this reduces the volume of calls to the help desk.

Because the forms can be revisited, and because the forms are available online multiple users in different locations can access and complete parts of any application.

Application design and installation
We will upload your application form onto the system from either a paper or online format, and can amend these should you need to or guidelines change.

Supporting Information
You can upload any relevant supporting information to the public facing website for applicants to access alongside the application. This enables the assessors to see the information without you needing to send it to them.

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