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Access Security

User name and Password
We use a tried and tested approach for identification and verification of anyone attempting to access the data in the system. Users must supply a user name and a password connected to that user name in order to be allowed on.

The system automatically keeps track of failed attempts to log on, and proides this information to the user the next time they successfully log in in case they wish to act on this.

https Encryption
All sessions making use of our web apps can use industry strength https encryption automatically. This prevents any data being visible at intermediate points on the internet - so no one can see what data is flowing back and forth from the server to the user.

This approach is used to protect credit card details and when you are using your internet banking sites.

It is considered to be as secure as you can get!

Server Firewall
Our servers are protected from unauthorised access by being placed behind a 'firewall' which ensures that only recognised computers can access the internal parts of the systems.

A firewall effectively rules out access unless you are recognised. This protects the data and system setup from prying eyes.
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