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Data Security

Daily backups
Each night at 2 a.m. our servers take a copy of the database, encrypt it, and send it to two other servers which are waiting for the data.

We retain copies of data for each of the last seven days, and for the first Friday of each of the last 12 months, in case we need to look at or retrieve data from any of those periods. The data is used to get the servers going again in disaster recovery scenarios.

On-demand backups
When you have done a lot of work you have the option of requesting an immediate backup of your data. This is made and set aside in case it is required later. It can be used to completely restore your system to a point in time. By being able to backup information on demand you gain extra peace of mind that your work is safe.

All backups are encrypted
The database data is written to a large file as it is backed up. This file is then encrypted before it is sent anywhere else, so that it cannot be seen along the way, and is safe if it is inadvertantly misplaced, or a copy of it taken along the way through the internet.

This approach means that our data backups are useless to anyone else who does not have the encryption keys, and is safe and secure.

Backup data is only available to authorised people
Your backed up data - still encrypted - is protected from prying eyes. Only authorised BSL staff can access this data as well as the required passwords to open it up.

Your data is safe even from the eyes of the managers of the backup areas - as they do not have the passwords to open the data up.
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